A portion of every report ordered goes toward Homes for our Troops!

Saving you time, money, and putting you head and shoulders above the competition!


Team up with Offsite for all your aerial roof measurement needs!  Take advantage of our aerial CAD team.  Technology that increases productivity and reduces waste!

Pricing (USD) - One Price no matter size - Pay as you need us!

Aerial Take-off - $22.00 Residential Pro Report | $36.00 Commercial Pro Report

PDF Blueprint Take-off - Priced individually based of complexity

Offsite is dedicated to serving roofing industry professionals.  With no-hassle report ordering online, flat-rate pricing, and report templates that function as impactful sales presentation tools.  Offsite excels as the sales professional's foremost choice in a reporting service.

Create an account, place pin on property, check out.  That Simple!  Our CAD team's focus is on quality with repeatable results!   Our growing customer base tells us everything we need to know about our accuracy!  Get signed up and start receiving your Offsite Roof Reports!

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